Why Internet Marketing Articles Are Truly a Waste of Your Time

Many believe internet marketing articles are a great source of information – mainly because it’s free. However, no one mentions the huge disadvantages of online articles. In this article, you will learn how time-consuming online articles really are.

Spending more time on search engine websites

Are you one of those people who think everything is online? I can’t really argue about that, but I know it won’t be easy for you to find some things. Most of what you need to know about internet marketing is scattered all over the web. So you will spend most of your time searching.

However, the bigger problem is to find new information. When searching, you will end up learning the same things over and over. It will cause you to waste more of your time on Google. Eventually, it will take you weeks (or even months) to have the knowledge you could have from a one week course.

Another problem is the fact you can’t find anything if you don’t know what to look for. Only after reading more articles, you will know what to ask.

Online internet marketing courses give you all the information you need in one website. Also, the information doesn’t repeat itself over and over. Very quickly, you will learn everything you need to become an internet marketer.

Everyone can write and submit articles

Personally, I have been learning for years about the online marketing world, but the truth is any newbie can write articles about internet marketing. If you go over this article, you’ll see that it doesn’t require any internet marketing knowledge to write it; the article can be true for every topic.

However, setting up an online course is a long and expensive process. The writers there are risking their money; and if someone is willing to take a financial risk, then you know it’s not a game for him (or her).

The information is not exclusive

You can find a lot of helpful tips and facts in online articles, but you are not the only one that can read them. In many online courses, you will find information you won’t find anywhere else.

So, are internet marketing articles a waste of time? The truth is they are a good source of information, but they must not be your only source. If you want fast, reliable, and exclusive information; then online articles are clearly a bad choice for you. I hope you’ll make the right choice. Good luck.

Bonus: online marketing success starts with a great website!

No matter how well you know internet marketing, without a great website your knowledge doesn’t matter much.

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